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Stories of survival

Nancy G.

When asked if I would share my story , about the death of my son to suicide , I thought what better way to help others through their grief, than to share my own. After Jeff died, I really didn’t handle my grieving very well. I didn’t want to talk about it;

1. Because it was just too painful
2. Who would I talk to that would understand all my crazy emotions and haunting questions that swirled in my head endlessly.

If I didn’t understand it , why would I think others would. That’s just it with suicide. You are left with unanswered questions and often no goodbyes.  So for 3 years I struggled then I found a support group called Survivors of Suicide. It was with this group that I found  comfort in knowing others had been going through the same emotions as me; some longer, some not as long, but they had all survived the loss of  someone to suicide. They gave me hope that I too would move on with my life someday. After attending this group for a couple of years, I ‘m  starting a Survivors of Suicide  group in Strathroy,  hoping it will help  others who are experiencing difficulty with their loss just as I did. This group can offer understanding and empathy to anyone struggling with a loss to suicide. Just know you are not alone and talking with someone who’s walked in your shoes, might help.