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Transforming Tragedy

Julie Varley


The Unexpected Gift That Helped A Grieving Mother Face The World Again
Behind One Family's Extraordinary Commitment To Keep Their Daughter's Dream Alive
How A Father Found His Calling In The Wake Of Unimaginable Heartbreak

Each of the stories in this series is about parents and perhaps the ultimate loss -- the loss of a child. And from each of these stories of deep grief there emerges another story, about the desire to turn tragedy into a chance to help other parents who are suffering the same unfathomable loss.

For a young mother in California, that means working to “move forward” with her grief by handcrafting gifts for other bereaved parents. For a Philadelphia couple, that means preserving their daughter’s legacy through a modest charity that has grown larger than any of them thought possible. And for a New York City father, that means changing careers in middle age, trading his dream job for more personally meaningful line of work. “It feels like I'm working for him -- for Jacob," he says.

Each loss is individual, but taken together, these stories show how a journey through inward grief can lead to outward connection. While these stories cannot capture the fullness of these families’ heartbreaks, we hope the series highlights and honors the strength and selflessness they have in common.

- Julie Varley -  Excerpt from Huffington Post


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