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Julie Varley

I can remember walking onto the psychiatric floor for the first time with Jen. She was being admitted for her severe depression.  This was twenty years ago.  I was aware that I was going to encounter running into nursing colleagues who had worked with me on the pediatrics floor.  I kept my head held high as I dealt with my own personal stigma regarding Mental Illness.

Jen, at the age of 21, felt embarrassed that she suffered with depression.  Now, 20 years later, society is finally beginning to openly discuss mental health issues.

It would have been much easier for Jen and Pete if stigma had not raised its’ ugly head.

Hopefully, our open dialogue will help eradicate the stigma my kids felt.

An illness is an illness is an illness, be it strep throat, anxiety or depression.

The dark ages are over. Time to celebrate our growth by speaking openly about this topic.

- Nancy Hiron -


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