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Christmas Thoughts....

Julie Varley

Beyond the twinkling lights, the red and green candles, the poignant aroma of evergreen...

Beyond the Christmas trees, the angels, stars and beloved carols,

Beyond the presents, the shopping, the baking and cooking

Beyond all of these sights and sounds of Christmas

Beyond all of these.. there is HOPE

Hope.... it is HOPE that sustains us through the days of grief, anger, frustration and loneliness.

The HOPE that some day the pain of the deaths of our children will be eased.

The HOPE is that someday our smiles will be real.

The HOPE that once again we will laugh,  love and cry completely without fear and hollowness.

It is the HOPE that someday we can remember our children with tenderness merely tinged with sorrow and not overwhelmed with it.

So it is that for each of you I would wish HOPE,  peace, compassion, love, sympathy understanding, sharing and listening.

In the sharing of our grief with one another and in the emotional support we give to one another, we receive and learn all of these gifts.

Take care of You.. Love, Peace and HOPE to all of You...

- Julie -

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