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The Gut Wrenching Pain

Julie Varley

The Gut Wrenching Pain?

              Nancy Hiron

That gut wrenching pain….

What you are feeling is normal following a loved one’s passing by suicide.

It is awful. You become riddled with guilt, the if’s and the should of’s.

This is normal. 


The hamster wheel in your brain slows after hours of silent

Processing. Hours of rationalizing every harsh interaction you may

Have had over someone else’s life. We all do it.

This is normal.


Over and over and over. You want to dissect out loud

Every last micro second of their life.

To anyone who will listen. The listeners become tired.

This is normal.


This is your designer journey.

You think it is your fault this happened?

We all think that at first.

This is normal.


Humans have been living with

This disease for all of time.

Humans have survived this

Journey for all of time.

This is normal for humans.


How could you ever be happy again?

I thought that too.

I am happy again. My hamster wheel

Rarely spins. I grew potatoes this year.


We are humans.

We do figure it out.

How to be happy again.

This is normal

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